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OTC APPROVED: Cosco is Food Certified and OTC Approved and is registered with the Food and Drug Administration, examples of OTC substances approved in the USA are sunscreens, anti- microbial and anti-fungal products, external and internal analgesics.

GMP COMPLIANT: To ensure your product is produced and packaged to the highest standards, we manufacture in compliance with GMP guidelines (a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product.) and Bulk Traceability (to account for how much material is received, the lot number of the material received, what day it was received, and which silo or tank the material is stored.)


Cosco's experienced staff of chemists, specializes in custom formula development, 100's of clinically proven formulas have been developed by our chemists, and produced for USA and world wide distribution. Microbiology is done by large high-quality clinical microbiology laboratories for our customers protection.


We use only Reverse Osmosis water in our formulas (pharmaceutical grade water). The system is constantly maintained and checked weekely for bacteria counts.


We use only the best vacuum kettles, stainless steel tanks and ball valves for the processing of our bulk and, accommodating any run size. We also have an assortment of mixers to match each of these tanks.


Our filling facilities are equipped with high volume and capacity automatic and semi-automatic sanitary fillers for multi capacity filling, high precision volume setting, with corresponding end of line equipment, to deal with the majority of your filling needs, from liquids and semi-liquids to thicker consistencies and bulk such as Body lotions and Hand Creams. Our filling rooms are enclosed, seperated, and fully air conditioned. Our filling department is capable of filling in small quantities as low as 1,000 items up to 60,000 pieces per day. Our state of the art equipment also assures a quick turnover and short set-up time for different products.

Current Filling Capacity

Filling Lines Yearly Capacity Capacity load
Tube Filling 12,000,000 75%
Wand Filling 14,400,000 65%
Mascaras 14,400,000 80%
Jar Filling 7,200,000 50%
Airless Bottles 6,000,000 65%
Powder Components 2,400,000 73%
Lipsticks 720,000 85%

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The climate controlled cold Storage facility is optimum for Bulk Storage, required by bulk type to assure freshness of product, this gives us the advantage of being able to manufacture up to 6 months in advance.


Our high efficiency, cost-effective assembly line is run by highly trained supervisors, assuring that all orders are promptly and accurately filled. Every product is additionally weighed by a precise scale to certify accuracy and avoid errors.


Cosco International Inc.’s Warehouse facilities are clean, well maintained and have over 60,000 sq. ft of storage space. Here we store raw materials, bottles, jars and tottles in preparation for filling.