Cosco Delivers Quality Finished Products On-Time And On-Budget

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  • Modern facilities enable Contract Manufacturing specialties that range from Product Design, Development and Package Design to Filling, Private Labeling, Bulk Manufacturing and Cold Storage.

  • From 5,000 items up to 25,000 pieces per day, our cutting edge equipment assures a quick turnover and short set-up time for different products.

  • Extensive quality control guidelines throughout each manufacturing phase minimize downtime and ensure the highest product integrity.

  • Our state-of-the-art laboratory and expert chemists use innovative ingredients, advanced technologies and delivery systems to produce products that are not just effective, but also completely safe.

  • With three decades of experience in manufacturing for export to Europe and Canada, we are ready to meet the formulating and manufacturing requirements of other countries.

  • Cosco meets all FDA and international regulatory requirements and holds the following licenses and certifications: FDA, OTC, USDA NOP Organic, FDA cosmetic, FDA food facility, and GMP.

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Our complete line of filling machines and our more fully-automated, integrated liquid filling systems provide a quick and seamless changeover process with minimal down time and the ability to accommodate a variety of container shapes and sizes.

We have a well established reputation throughout the cosmetic contract manufacturing industry for our quality equipment and quick, easy-to-changeover times. Our laboratory production facilities are supported with excellent customer communication and a high level of service.

Cold Storage

Our climate controlled cold storage facility is optimized by degrees to assure consistency and quality and properly maintained to protect the integrity of the products.

Taking all these steps allows us to manufacture up to 6 months in advance.

Assembly Line
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Our modern and high efficiency assembly lines are one of the main arms of our manufacturing process.

Highly trained workers and experienced supervisors guarantee quality assurance to meet our AND your specific specifications.


Spoilage is an enormous cosmetic supply chain challenge. The solution is proper temperature and handling within the warehouse through fulfillment.

We keep our modern and just recently upgraded 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse space in pristine condition to maintain product efficacy.

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